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At first you said:

     "This pile of papers isn't so big. 

        I'll file the pile tomorrow."  

 Then the pile grew ...

and grew...

and grew...

and grew!

christa-dodoo-485704-unsplash PILE.jpg

Regardless of your age or circumstance, having your important life documents in order and accessible to a loved one or trusted advisor helps to relieve stress in times of change.   


Why do I focus on your paper/digital organizing?

Because that's what causes my clients much stress and confusion. As papers are often mixed in with your other stuff, that stuff needs to be addressed also.


First, however, to the heart of the matter: 

life documents. We amass countless  papers as we move through various chapters of our lives. Many of them house critically important information that should be easily accessible in time of need. It is these that I identify, update, maintain, and help secure.


In addition, staying current with bill paying, mail sorting, tax information gathering, medical records, prescriptions, cyber security, and legal documents is essential. 



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