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Why me? As odd as it may seem, I love your papers.

Clients say, “I’ve been looking for that for a long time. Where did you find it?” You are emotionally attached to your stuff; I’m not. I can see through the mess/morass/piles/ drawers/hidey-holes. I know what needs to stay (and for how long) and what it’s okay to let go of.


When I was 16 (as related by my mother), I mysteriously changed from being a messy teenager to being a “neatnik”. Many decades later, I realized that having a neat room was a way for me to have some control over my life. Even with just my mother and me making up our household, there was more than enough chaos. Having a tidy room provided sanctuary - and it stuck.  


Some years ago, when my daughter and I were preparing to sell my mother's home, we discovered some treasures - and much trash. There were newspapers and magazines from many years gone by; we uncovered valuable stock certificates among the papers, as well as in other unexpected locations, like drawers, cabinets, and amongst the stacks of years' old newspapers.


I also found deeply personal items: my mother’s writings – poems, plays, letters, snippets from her life as a copy editor for TIME, Inc.  - her history. Among the paper mess was also a celebrated life - definitely an emotional journey for me to navigate.  We were able to sort and categorize relevant documents, purge irrelevant ones, while following up with the family financial advisor, lawyer, doctors, realtor, and more.


Even as this process was disturbing, it gave me newfound insight: I recognized that so many other adult children and loved ones may have similar stories to tell.


I know first-hand how crucial it is to have life's documents current and at the ready– and how to preserve the beauty of the lives involved.  I believe my innate desire to be organized along with my compassion and zest for life can help you, too.


My code of ethics assures objective, non-judgmental, respectful, thorough, efficient, and compassionate service. That's the way it

has been since serving my first clients in 1990.


My purpose as a Professional Organizer is to help remove obstacles that prevent you from putting your world in order. Physical clutter muddles the mind and the heart. There’s not much room for creativity, clarity, happiness, and other people in your life if there are unnecessary papers and stuff taking up a lot of physical and emotional space.


I've had the good fortune of working with clients in Hawaii, Oregon, and New York State. I look forward to many more years of working to give clients peace of mind by getting their affairs in order so their loved ones are left with a legacy, not a mess. It really can be done.


Let’s do it together.


I look forward to working with you.


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